Annona purpurea - Soncoya, Yellow Ilama, chinkuya Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Annona purpurea
Common name: Soncoya, Yellow Ilama, chinkuya
Family: Annonaceae
Origin: southern Mexico to northern South America


Soncoya is a deciduous tree with a broad, spreading crown; it can grow up to 10 metres or more tall. The short bole can be 45cm in diameter.

The tree produces edible fruits that are often gathered from the wild. The fruits are sometimes sold in local markets. The species has been recommended for improvement by breeding

A small tree native to humid forests from southern Mexico to northern South America. The large, spiky and somewhat hard-shelled fruit has orange flesh with a pleasant flavor but stringy texture that is best processed through a food mill and made into shakes, ice cream or the like. Annona purpurea is best suited to tropical climates.

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