Dichroa febrifuga - Tibetan Hortence, Chinese Quinine Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Dichroa febrifuga
Common name: tibetan hortence, chinese Quinine
Family: hidrangeaceae
Origin: china, japan, himalayas
Height: 0.90 – 2.00 meters
Luminosity: partial shading, clear shadow


Dichroa febrifuga is a perene forest native of a great geographic area that extends from southeast asia through the indian subcontinent and including himalayia

This is a species used by many chinese medicine in combating malaria. Parts of the plant used: leafs and roots.

Studies and researchers of harvard certify the effectiveness of dichroa febrifuga in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and in the delay of the aging process arising from cell death.

The plant in acid soils intensifies the blue coloring of their flowering, as well as the hortensias which are already familiar.

In hot summer regions your plant must be carried out on site where the incidence of sun afternoon, only morning sun or solar lighting filtered by trees or greener shrubs does not occur. Only with uniform and constant moisture are basic recommendations to their cultivation. Tolerance to soil pantanoso and dry after well established and under the tree cup is also tolerant the frost.

The species are considered one of the 50 herbs based on chinese traditional medicine, where it is generally used in conjunction with other plants.

Generally occurring on soils, seeds and grounds of forests and can be found at altitudes that vary from the level of the sea to more than 1500 meters.

Currently, it has been widely cultivated in ornamental gardens in europe and the united states for the beauty of their set; after flowering blue-metallic coloring berries provide show.

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