Phyllanthus emblica - Amla, Indian Gooseberry, Emblica, Amalaki Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: Phyllanthus emblica
Common Name: Amla, Indian gooseberry, Emblica, Amalaki
Family: Phyllanthaceae
Origin: Pakistan, Southern China and extends to Southeast Asia
Climate: Tropical and Subtropical
Brightness: Full sun and Partial shade
Height: 8-18 meters


Phyllanthus emblica, commonly called amla, is a small to medium-sized medicinal tree, native to Southwest Asia, and has been gaining valuable space around the world due to the exotic flavor of its fruits, but mainly because of its high value nutritional and medicinal.

All parts of the plant are used, root, bark of the trunk, flowers, leaves, fruits in natura or dried.
The fruit is traditionally eaten fresh, in preserves, jellies, a typical Indian dish, drinks and other recipes.

It is certainly a very special species that we could not leave out of our catalog.

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