Albizia saman - Monkey Pod Rain Tree Seeds

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Botanical nomencltuara: Albizia saman
Common name: Rain Tree
Reino: Plantae
Clado : Traqueófitos
Clado : Angiospermas
Clado : Eudicotiledôneas
Clado : Rosídeos
Ordem: Fábulas
Família: Fabaceae
Subfamília: Caesalpinioideae
Clado : Clado Mimosóide
Gênero: Samaneia
Espécies: S. saman


An outstanding large ornamental and shade tree for tropical regions with a large, spreading, dome-shaped crown to 30 m (100 ft.) across, if given ample room. Spaced more closely to produce tall, straight trunks, it can grow even higher, to 60 m in rare cases, and is a useful plantation tree that yields attractive brown and yellow wood for making furniture, veneer, or arts and crafts. Albizia saman has large, finely bipinnate, semi-deciduous leaves and pink, powderpuff-like flowers. Originally native to savannas in northern South America, it is best suited to the tropical garden

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